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Language Courses According to the Principles of Adventure Education.

We provide top-quality language courses based on the modern scientific theories of Kurt Hahn. Our courses are adequate for both, people with or without talent for language learning. Learning often takes place outside and in a playful manner. Participants have lots of fun during class.


Dovetailed learning and leisure program.

We dovetail language course and leisure activities and refer to the course location by integrating local attractions.


Small learner groups and internal differentiation.

There is a maximum of 15 participants for each trainer. We focus each learner’s talents and weaknesses. In heterogeneous groups, the participants learn from each other.

Locations in Austria.

Our course locations are fast and easy to reach, from our neighbouring countries as from the airports. Schools and other groups can freely choose the location for their language course within Austria. Usually, courses take place in youth hostels.

Qualified Native Speakers.

Our trainers are native speakers who have gained a qualification for teaching their language. All Learning Events staff working with kids is experienced in that.

European Standards. We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and learn from the EU project Montanalingua. At the end of your course, you get a certificate.

Customised Programs.

We are open to adapt programs according to your personal wishes. All school trips and group activities are customised for each individual group – you can also choose the language to be taught (English, German, Romance and Slavic languages).

The Right Age Group. We organise school trips and other group activities for all age groups. Our language camps and workshops are designed for people from ten to fifteen years of age. During the mummy courses, we look after children older than 2 years.

Price Transparency.

You will know in advance how much you will spend. Apart from arrival / departure and pocket money, everything is included.

Costs of food and accommodation are shown separately.

Full Service.

You take advantage of our 14 year experience in organising language courses. Accompanying teacher and group leaders are disburdened from all organisational matters. 




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